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Our NEW Head Spa Service & Scalp Health

This service is more then just massages and fancy tools.  In this blog we’ll go over the importance of scalp stimulation, what are some benefits and the tools and products to help you take care of your scalp.  We’ll also go over what’s included and what to expect from our Head Spa service.

My top three reasons to perform scalp stimulation regularly:

·         Blood circulation is the number one reason you need to do this regularly.  Bring fresh blood to the papilla which feeds the root with beneficial and crucial nutrients for healthy hair growth.

·         A healthy scalp of course.  If your scalp is healthy it is going to provide you with the best environment for healthy hair growth and we all want that.

·         To remove buildup such as dead skin cells, dry flakes, product build up or other impurities helps to keep pores unclogged and maintain a healthy scalp.

What I think are the top three benefits of our NEW Head Spa service:

·         Relaxation: dim lights, soft music, warm blanket, and 45 minutes of scalp massage will promote a stress-free environment and relaxation.

·         Promote hair growth: one of the best and economical ways to encourage your hair to grow strong, healthy, and maybe even a little quicker.

·         A hydrated and balanced scalp is going to provide you with the best environment for healthy hair growth.

Some great tools for scalp stimulation:

·         Use your hands, it’s free and can be used anytime.

·         Scalp scrubbers are everywhere!  I do think these make a great stimulant as well as aids in exfoliation.  Go gentle or a little more assertive depending on your preference, use with an oil, conditioner or even your shampoo.

·         Dry brushing is fantastic for lifting dry flakes and removing impurities from your hair and scalp before washing your hair.

Some of the best products we have to offer, and we have lots:

·         True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub: gently removes impurities and restores hydration to the scalp.

·         Hair Renew Scalp Oil: microbiome friendly, nourishing the scalp with anti oxidants and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, hydrating the scalp.

·         Hair Renew Daily Active Serum: provides daily relief from a dry and itchy scalp.


Now that you know why scalp stimulation is important to your scalp and hair health, lets look at what is included in our New Head Spa service and how it would be a great addition to your wellness routine.

·         A scalp consultation is the first step, we want to know what’s going on.  Is your scalp dry, itchy, irritated, tight, red?  Is there a buildup of products or sebum? Does your hair fall flat?  Does your hair look dull?  How often are you cleansing?  Are you experiencing thinning or hair loss/breakage?  Tell us what your concerns are and we’ll give you our best recommendations.

·         Next, we do a dry scalp brushing, this helps to start the stimulation process, lifts dry flakes, and removes impurities from the hair as well as releasing any knots in your hair. 

·         At the sink we apply to the scalp either Hair Renew Pre Wash Treatment or Harmonic Treatment Oil, both are excellent for scalp care, and we choose which one depending on your needs.  A gentle massage with a wire massager is then performed, to further stimulate your scalp and hopefully you start to feel relaxed. Rinse.

·         Then we apply True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub in combination with a scalp scrubber to maximize exfoliation.  Rinse.

·         Now we massage one of the following into your scalp and hair: Hair Renew Scalp Oil, Harmonic Treatment Oil, or the Detox Hair Mask.  Which one is chosen is dependent on your specific needs.  Under a warm blanket and towel this sits for 10 minutes.

·         Time for a double cleanse!  We use a gentle skin brush with the appropriate shampoo for your hair type.  Squeaky clean.

·         Our final step, the appropriate conditioner accompanied by a scalp massage to completely relax you. Rinse.

The Head Spa is essentially one long scalp massage that stimulates your scalp, invigorates your senses, and will leave you feeling relaxed.  Your scalp will be refreshed, hydrated, and restored so that your hair can grow in the healthiest environment possible.

Are you in?  Book here.

Questions, ask me!


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